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When Shadrach’s Fiery Furnace made its debut in March of 2010 we were a family of pizza lovers with a dream to turn our passion into a business.  Seven years, three ovens, and countless dropped pizza doughs later we find ourselves a family of pizza lovers with a thriving, creative, and gratifying business.   


Being a one-of-a-kind and nomadic pizza pie operation has allowed us to travel all over the Southeast United States and bring joy to fellow pizza lovers.  We love working together to bring handcrafted, artisan pizzas from our oven to your table.  Our spot-on neapolitan style pies are made with the best, most fresh ingredients we can find; we firmly believe that pizza should be carefully crafted, quickly delivered, and above all made with love.  Our tried and true mobile kitchen allows us to create delicious pizzas from our thoughtfully curated menus at a high volume... and we mean high.  Shadrach's Fiery Furnace is the perfect vendor for your event.  

My husband and I tried your pizza for the first time at the Make America Rock Again concert on Sunday, and it was absolutely delicious!! I haven’t stopped thinking about it since, which led me to finding your website and Facebook page. Usually food at concerts leaves something to be desired but your pizza was hot, fresh, and absolutely outstanding!! I hope that we can find you again somewhere to indulge upon it again.
— Customer Testimonial

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